The launch of SureFire Macromite Miticide provides the latest solution available for pome and stone fruit growers for the control of plant eating mite pests. 

Dick Murray
Manager Research and Development
PCT International Pty Ltd
The launch of SureFire Macromite Miticide provides the latest solution available for pome and stone fruit growers for the control of plant eating mite pests. Growers of these fruits would be aware that mite injury from Two Spotted Mite and European Red Mite produces browning and loss of colour in the leaves, commonly referred to as bronzing. Mite injury from Bryobia mite is typically on the upper surface of young leaves as whitish-grey spots which spread to give the leaves a stippled appearance. Allowing foliage injury from plant eating mite pests may reduce the quality and quantity of fruit and the following year’s return bloom.
SureFire Macromite Miticide is a selective miticide for the control of Two Spotted Mite, European Red Mite and Bryobia Mite on apples, pears, apricots, nectarines, peaches and plums.
SureFire Macromite has been evaluated to show high level control to all life stages of plant feeding mites infesting pome and stone fruit. No cross resistance has been found to mites that have developed resistance to several other classes of miticides. Another great benefit is that all stages of development of predatory mites survived treatment in studies with bifenazate, the active ingredient in SureFire Macromite. Therefore SureFire Macromite, being relatively inactive against beneficial and/or predatory mites and insects, is highly compatible with IPM and resistance management programs being practiced in pome and stone fruit.
Due to its unique chemistry, mode of action and selective nature to predators, SureFire Macromite, when used as directed (refer to the Directions for Use table below) and applied to the foliage, provides quick knockdown through selective contact activity, and good residual control of plant feeding mites. Findings in research and commercial applications in the field have indicated that SureFire Macromite is a very useful acaricide giving high efficacy, long-lasting activity and excellent selectivity for spider mites. It is therefore concluded that SureFire Macromite is an ideal compound for controlling these pest mites. However, as in all effective control programs, the success of it depends on regular crop monitoring so it is suggested that trees are checked every 3 to 5 days during the season.
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Apples & Pears
Two-Spotted Mite (Tetranychus Urticae)
European Red Mite
(Panonychus Ulmi)
Bryobia Mite
(Bryobia Rubriouculus)
Dilute spraying 65ml/100L
Harvest 7 days
Grazing 28 days
SureFire Macromite should be applied to the point of runoff as soon as mites appear.
Equipment should e calibrated so that no less that 1000L of water applied per hectare
Peaches & Plums
Harvest 3 days
Grazing 28 days