Chlorpyrifos Proposed Regulatory Decision

PCT recently received advice from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) on 26 June 2019 of their proposed decision to remove all uses of chlorpyrifos in domestic and home garden products, and in certain public spaces such as parks and footpaths. The proposed decision is to suspend uses of these products after 28 days and cancel these uses after three months.

This decision is the result of a comprehensive review of the chemical’s health and environmental impacts.

This decision affects PCT’s Chlorpyrifos-based products, Surefire Lawn Grub, Ant and Outdoor Pest and Surefire Antout Granular Insecticide.

Surefire Fortune 500 EC will continue to be available, however the label will be amended. We currently understand that all claims on this label will remain, but the situations have domestic and public places removed, leaving only commercial and industrial areas. We will adviseonce we receive the amended label from the APVMA.

As a result of the APVMA’s decision, PCT products Surefire Lawn Grub Ant and Outdoor Pest and Surefire Antout, across all pack sizes, will no longer be supplied by PCT. We recommend that you sell your remaining stock within the 28 days from the decision date of the APVMA.

PCT have alternative products available using Bifenthrin, Permethrin and Fipronil as the active ingredient. These include Surefire Fortune Ultra, Cropro Zeus, Surefire Fipronil Granular Insecticide and Surefire Antstar. These products have been available, and prices have been detailed on all standard PCT prices lists and pricing templates, for many years now.

If you have any queries in relation to these alternative products or wish to discuss the APVMA decision further please contact your dedicated PCT sales representative.